Sunday, August 31, 2008

ah, you're drunk, you're drunk you silly old fool..

the dubliners. here are the lyrics, btw.

also could be found, whiskey in the jar.

Friday, August 29, 2008

two words

fuckin' brilliant!

i generally dislike american politics.. but i loved this one for the sheer kicks it presented.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the eyes open to a different ceiling each morning. a lingering sense of whorishness each time i wake up. a silence in the room, a half familiar scent in the air.. the neck niggles in a different place.

to live a life from a sleeping bag.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

one year later..

in no particular order,

the hotdog stand in manayunk. schuylkill river. 5 am breakfasts at ihop. walking down chestnut/walnut street at 12 am. netflix. bubble teas. people. poker. miel's. terribl(e)y sweet indian food order-ins. dominos. qdoba. my friggin room. the bandi wallahs behind the univ selling big fat jimmy and super jimmy and jimmy's sister.


i think that's all what i miss from america.

well, mostly the junk food.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


tall. dark. handsome. just like hritikh roshan. sorry, harman baweja. also, veeradhi veerudu. suraadhi soorudu. govinda. hunk. hulk. six digit salary. looking. single. no whiskey. no brandy. only appudappudu rum. after marriage, stopping that also. everyday gym. good badminton player. obedient. willing to be henpecked. romba romantic.

(all these are key search strings put up, just to direct people who were googling, looking for a suitable varudu).

so if you landed here through the google search engine, this is for you, macha/machi!

my friend wants to get married. here, see photo.

someone please marry him.
he is funny. very.

thank you.

p.s. 'bertu, i tried but they asked too many questions to open an account. dont worry, we will get you hitched somehow. somewhere. to someone. soon. very soon.

chalo, untaa mari!

Friday, August 15, 2008

exercise no. 3(c)

1. connect the speakers on your computer.
2. now please crank the volume up.
3. i think you need to have the volume all the way up, to hear these mutterings.
4. click on this link now.

sorry! but that was funny (if you did follow 1-4).
if you did nt, well.. too bad.

btw, tenacious D.. totally badass!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

in life, there is a general tendency to classify things into two categories (always).. like, for example.. jobbed and jobless!

on a nameless morning, in a weightless hour, the sun was absent, behind the clouds so far..

far, far.

frantically, he wrestled the thoughts out of his mind. in a way not often expressed in public, he moved his hands.. infuriated at the sudden demise of the pompous sanity that sustained the pertubations of his wicked world. kicking out the shoes from his feet, he walked away from the congragated set of soul searchers. in his mind, it was the silliest thing that man could do. why in gods name, would anyone actually be bereaved at the loss of such pulchritude, he muttered under his breath.

her umbrella seemed less heavy as the rain started to relent. her eyes still dry and breathes still heavy. she walked along the kutcha path barefooted. her skin was roughnening at the heels, the muddy floor softening under her weight. 'it will soon drain, all of it' the words whispered in her ears.

he went along and sat in a huff. under a rusty old cold kissed flagpost, appealing in its solitude. man should sit with the likeliest thing he sees. not in his years had he seen a flagpost like that, like a blank white face in school reunion, it stood there in a corner, waiting for someone to come along and sit next to it.

she looked around, stretching her hand out. the skies above were clear blue and the umbrella, a silly hat atop her head. a lil further down the meadow, played little boys cricket, in flipflops and small numbers. puling out a log from under the tree, she sat down to watch.

he felt his gut move back to place. his time seemed to run again at the pace of the clocks around.

this is heaven, she smiled.

yesterday is a bar around the corner, we visit. once in a while.

Monday, August 11, 2008



Sunday, August 10, 2008

this afternoon

me: oh
12:50 PM what else?

12:51 PM 11 yr. old brother: nothing busy with work load

(snaps back to reality)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

look what i found on itunes..

joshua james.

and this on zoutube. are nt we glad it is saturday again?