Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yo Mama!!

If you think you have an ear for world music, here's something for you.

Rebecca Carrington is not exactly your average cellist. Calling herself a music comedian, Ms. Carrington goes around the globe performing spoofs of popular national tunes on her cello, and lending her rather versatile voice to the act while at it. The sounds emanating from that 300 year old cello (she calls Joe) are more often than not, awe-inspiring and those from her lips sure enough will get you chuckling, if not rolling in amusement. From My Humps to Nessum Dorma, from the Spanish guitar to the Scottish bagpipes, no sound bite is left unattended by this woman whose stage presence is something remarkably refreshing.

I happened to watch her show yesterday night (in German, but that was hardly a deterrent in this case), and was howling in laughter. So impressed was I, with her performance that I actually went on Facebook and left her a congratulatory message. (And she replied more than courteously!!)

If you ever get a chance to see this English entertainer perform either on telly or in person, please don't miss it. She is just.. (as the Germans say..) zuper!

The videos on Youtube don't justify the performances at all but here you go nevertheless.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mr. President, you are a dick(tator)!!

We live in a world of egos. Of self righteous personalities and savvy politicians.. who sometimes dub their opinions universal and are quite expressive in doing so.

I was reading about this lil stunt that was pulled off yesterday in NY, by this rather hmm.. macho president of CU.

Quite funny, laughable even.

I understand the guy was under tremendous pressure by the local media and the Jewish community for having invited the man who denies the Holocaust, but you cannot invite a head of the nation and call him names in his introduction, for chrissake (pardon the absent pun)!! That is plain arrogant. Incitant, actually.. in a world which hangs on mercurial tempers and fragile egos. True, the fellow might be an idiot who thinks there are no gay people in his country, but to call him that.. in front of the world media, phew.. talk about your 15 min of fame!! Go start a blog and do your name calling, Mr.'I-got-balls(inger)'.

The problem with the country which abuses the first amendment more than ever actually using it, is that they watch too much television. No, seriously!! Here is a country that survives on a manufactured safety-net consisting of a media propelled propaganda, dressed in a double B cup. A society which is blatantly run by/through the media.

I love that country as much as the next random Jack who's been there, but it has Hollywood painted all over. Populists rule the herds, extravagant dramatics fill the air waves.. they seem to have an appetite for absurdity. In almost a desperate sense of privation. They want Oprah to tell them what to do with their lives, they need Evangelical priests singing the Lord's praises on the second channel of the satellite feed, they need their lives on a TV guide, and dinner table cue cards on the morning talk shows. Left to themselves they would not be able to choose between bananas and plantains. Not unless there is a sale advertised on the telly.

And ever so often, there comes a gentleman in his black suit and a purple tie, telling them what a sorry state this random country in the middle east is, where a power hungry dictator with a nuke in his hip pocket, rules with a oil lubed whip. And inspired by God's decree and a Ridley Scott movie, they in an united front, must free the helpless souls teetering in desperation. Then in a media frenzy, they rise.. the upholders-of-justice, insaniyat ke farishte.. sending thousands of quizzical troops out to save the day. ((Armageddon myujic start please)).

Demonizing an evil overlord and going after him with big guns blazing, is the usual cowboy routine for the Americans now. They got their pants in a bunch in Iraq. It is hard to understand why lessons cant be learnt, egos humbled and tongues restrained. Bigmouths, we all are.. some in our blogs, some in our uni auditoriums, some just for the heck of it. But to insult a head of a nuclear empowered nation, in this day and age.. is taking even jingoism one step too far. Sure.. one Bollinger statement does however not echo the whole of America's, but also one Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not to be portrayed as the face of Iran. When you have nationalistic fevers running as high, being the smart mute cat surely beats petty alley fights.

Monday, September 24, 2007

People.. here..


Cynical it may be, but I would hate to live through a waking moment when I would look up to see the wrinkled old woman with saddened eyes and soiled hands, patting me on my shoulder.. as she lets out a scentless breath while her mouth bears four words of forgiving warmth, 'you didn't know..'

But I knew. We know.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hear ye..

it has begun.

P.S. And we are back to soccer (heck, football) now, ladies and germs.